My Delhi Manifesto

2 Nov

Where does all the pollution generate from.It is not dropped on Delhi for sure.All development in a way has side effects , in fact it adds to pollution directly and indirectly.

Waste if not treated with utmost care is a pollutant for the entire population and in fact can throw the city out of gear if it results in myriad ways that medicines cannot control.

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A Cause and a soldier

11 Apr

Many and most of the atrocities are visible in the cities itself because most of the people carry their primitive minds and the programming within though they enhance their fortunes and live a better social life they subject people in their own family and push them to extremes without a care and stay away from the limelight and searchlights of the inquiring.

This happened right in the midst of a well informed and well set society establishment that is proud of their openness and equality towards everyone.

This widowed mother of the man is forced to dispose off the house back home and the monies pocketed by the son  and moves her into his home apparently showing the society of his duty but in fact to divest her of the freedom of old age and confine her to the balcony of his sprawling home never introducing her to the visitors nor to the neighbours and not even giving her the dignity extended to his pet.

Such horrible sights are visible if you look up at the apartments of the rich and the wealthy.

You can sense the grief of the old and the infirm and their only desire is to move out of this world at the earliest.

Who can change the course of the evil in this society. The woman of the house cannot bear the presence of the mother –in – law although a mother like her or like her own mother.And the man falls in line.Very mysterious to a person of sound sense.

There was this Govt official couple living next door and quite a spiritual upbringing and his serious pursuit of life as per the teachings of  BHAGAVATGITA. He was an official par excellence and had the contacts and wherewithal to haul up the culprit couple.

But he took the path of the wise and his guidance in early days has taught him the perfect recipe.

The old widow is brought back to life of a level of peace and tranquility in the presence of this godly couple every day and relishes the surroundings of his home environment.She was planning to walk away into wilderness from his son when fate intervened in the form of this couple who in their own stead teach the neighbours their duty to guard and care for the old.No matter how you resolve it harshness is  felt.It is fine if all ends well.You have fought for a cause.

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No shave no parties

27 Dec

That’s what I told my husband. Every time we went out I used to ask my husband to shave and even
after promising that he will shave he never did it. I used to get embarrassed going with a partner never
groomed. I used to have hours to do make up so that I can look good in front of other and my partner
can flaunt about his wife. But I have to hide it from others that my partner is the person who is having

Not once this happened every time we out. But if there was any presentation in his office he used to
clean shave and dress nicely to the office. That disturbed me a lot. How hard is it to take effort for me?
I made up my mind to ditch all the parties and outing with him by saying very stupid reasons. It went on
to 2 months but he still didn’t realize it.

I got my chance recently when there was party organized by his office. His bosses had specifically asked
him to bring me along. He informed me about that in the morning. I again made up a reason in the
evening so avoid the party. This time he got furious and asked me the reason to avoid all the outing.
Then I explained him calmly that his stubble is what used to trouble me all the time. And he took no
effort to impress me by taking it off. He apologized and went directly to the bathroom came out with a
clean shave and said this is how I will look from now on whenever we go out!!

I was very impressed by him and I landed giving him a kiss for that. That’s the last time I had ever asked
him to shave.


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7 Oct


Our pick: Hand made leather bags made in India by Urban Raw


Men’s Collection

Carrying a leather bag is a sure shot way of telling the world how one thing can change your entire persona. They come in various sizes, shades and shapes.Wear your’s to college, workplace or shopping. Carry  just about anywhere to instantly raise your style quotient and sex appeal. The best thing we like about leather bags is that there are a lot of unisex options.
  Weekend Travel Bag


                                                          College Multipurpose Bag

           Women’s Collection           
                                     Make your statement with a hand crafted sling  bag
                                      Functionality meets style with a leather tote bag

Delhi Summer Wear

7 Sep

This ensemble is exactly what you need to beat the dusty sweaty summers.The  colorful  floral top from lifestyle ,Ginger is a great buy for under 500. It was longer in length,  the local tailor did the job of getting us the right length (took the inspiration from the current 5 star ad. masterji..pitaji ki patloon ek biland chote kar deejiye).

Now you can team the top with either tights (d good quality ones not d Rs.50 one please….have  some mercy on yourself and your audience!!!)  With this top a white color tight would do. Other than tights , a well fitted Capri would also do.

Our Recommendation: Shorts.

Denim Cool & Groovy Green

1.If you are comfortable with shorts, here we are with Denim Shorts from Kamla Nagar, a place known for trendy western and traditional wear in Delhi.
2.The second option is to team it up with cotton shorts in green under Rs.200 from Janpath which is a “must go” shopping destination  for any tourist coming to Delhi.

Work Ethic :)

18 Jun

I’m referring to women dressing up like men!! Women have got their own identity almost everywhere except..except…when it comes to dressing up like a woman at the workplace

Why do Indian woman in the name of dressn’ modern or western pick up collared shirts and their husband’s or boyfriend’s trousers to go with???  How do these ill fitted clothes help, least they are costumes for a live horror show otherwise they are only out there screamn’ ” ME TOO” I TOO HAVE ARRIVED IN UR WORLD.

Even in the 21st century the Indian men( and sadly a lot of women alike) find it extremely painful to accept women as they are. You find one wearn’ dresses and skirts and there she’s branded ‘Miss.Who do you think you are’ B..IZARRE..

Collared Tshirts /shirts are best left for men to wear. Ok if you insist, fine no harm in women wearing them but thrusting the men attire on women is such a shameless thing to do at the workplace.

Women can dress up like women and look very professional

Traditional, the tacky wear
Thanks to all the aunties (of all age groups!!) out there without any aesthetic sense.
On a mass level it’s becoming tacky. Tight slacks in the brightest of rustic colors coupled with short kurtas made of grandma’s discarded rug is the pride of the Urban Behenji.

Garnished generously with kilos of fat around the waist ,hip, buttocks and ya arms if the horror is roaming sleeveless!!

What happened to fit, structure, color coordination, appeal, style and poise? The alluring you can be very impressive in traditional wear too but only if styled appropriately.

It’s just about investing a little time in yourself. Understanding what suits you the best and how to put your best foot forward. Dress up not for others but for yourself, says the Fashion God.
Here’s hoping the Fashion God…. bless us all