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No shave no parties

27 Dec

That’s what I told my husband. Every time we went out I used to ask my husband to shave and even
after promising that he will shave he never did it. I used to get embarrassed going with a partner never
groomed. I used to have hours to do make up so that I can look good in front of other and my partner
can flaunt about his wife. But I have to hide it from others that my partner is the person who is having

Not once this happened every time we out. But if there was any presentation in his office he used to
clean shave and dress nicely to the office. That disturbed me a lot. How hard is it to take effort for me?
I made up my mind to ditch all the parties and outing with him by saying very stupid reasons. It went on
to 2 months but he still didn’t realize it.

I got my chance recently when there was party organized by his office. His bosses had specifically asked
him to bring me along. He informed me about that in the morning. I again made up a reason in the
evening so avoid the party. This time he got furious and asked me the reason to avoid all the outing.
Then I explained him calmly that his stubble is what used to trouble me all the time. And he took no
effort to impress me by taking it off. He apologized and went directly to the bathroom came out with a
clean shave and said this is how I will look from now on whenever we go out!!

I was very impressed by him and I landed giving him a kiss for that. That’s the last time I had ever asked
him to shave.


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