My Delhi Manifesto

2 Nov

Where does all the pollution generate from.It is not dropped on Delhi for sure.All development in a way has side effects , in fact it adds to pollution directly and indirectly.

Waste if not treated with utmost care is a pollutant for the entire population and in fact can throw the city out of gear if it results in myriad ways that medicines cannot control.

Why the treatment is not effective and in many areas it is allowed to be directed into the river as it is.

Rooftop lectures wont do.Drainage issues have to be resolved.But most of them are clogged in the city.Where does this all settle down.The ground water is contaminated.

There has never been a foolproof drainage system in any city, definitely not in the present times.They were never planned cities.Not planned for this disproportionate development squeezed into small areas the densities of all areas have suffocated the city in return.

Hospitals are essential and are looked at as the sole supporter in case of an epidemic or any life threatening disease.But what are they generating and in what quantitative and the medical waste though collected with care and disposed off systematically , it can still affect the surroundings and damage the entire stretches in case something goes amiss. Assuming there is no clandestine dumping of this waste in the river.

Solid waste and liquid waste in the form of both industrial and domestic waste often runs direct tv into the river in the city.

It is a pressure cooker situation for the populace.It can burst out anytime.Luckily Delhi is land locked else it would have faced the pressure of the tides that bring back these wastes.There is a lack of solid waste treatment facility.You cannot boast of monuments and a couple of green patches for the city when a majority of the population has to contend with the filth generated and not disposed.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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