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Work Ethic :)

18 Jun

I’m referring to women dressing up like men!! Women have got their own identity almost everywhere except..except…when it comes to dressing up like a woman at the workplace

Why do Indian woman in the name of dressn’ modern or western pick up collared shirts and their husband’s or boyfriend’s trousers to go with???  How do these ill fitted clothes help, least they are costumes for a live horror show otherwise they are only out there screamn’ ” ME TOO” I TOO HAVE ARRIVED IN UR WORLD.

Even in the 21st century the Indian men( and sadly a lot of women alike) find it extremely painful to accept women as they are. You find one wearn’ dresses and skirts and there she’s branded ‘Miss.Who do you think you are’ B..IZARRE..

Collared Tshirts /shirts are best left for men to wear. Ok if you insist, fine no harm in women wearing them but thrusting the men attire on women is such a shameless thing to do at the workplace.

Women can dress up like women and look very professional

Traditional, the tacky wear
Thanks to all the aunties (of all age groups!!) out there without any aesthetic sense.
On a mass level it’s becoming tacky. Tight slacks in the brightest of rustic colors coupled with short kurtas made of grandma’s discarded rug is the pride of the Urban Behenji.

Garnished generously with kilos of fat around the waist ,hip, buttocks and ya arms if the horror is roaming sleeveless!!

What happened to fit, structure, color coordination, appeal, style and poise? The alluring you can be very impressive in traditional wear too but only if styled appropriately.

It’s just about investing a little time in yourself. Understanding what suits you the best and how to put your best foot forward. Dress up not for others but for yourself, says the Fashion God.
Here’s hoping the Fashion God…. bless us all