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A Cause and a soldier

11 Apr

Many and most of the atrocities are visible in the cities itself because most of the people carry their primitive minds and the programming within though they enhance their fortunes and live a better social life they subject people in their own family and push them to extremes without a care and stay away from the limelight and searchlights of the inquiring.

This happened right in the midst of a well informed and well set society establishment that is proud of their openness and equality towards everyone.

This widowed mother of the man is forced to dispose off the house back home and the monies pocketed by the son  and moves her into his home apparently showing the society of his duty but in fact to divest her of the freedom of old age and confine her to the balcony of his sprawling home never introducing her to the visitors nor to the neighbours and not even giving her the dignity extended to his pet.

Such horrible sights are visible if you look up at the apartments of the rich and the wealthy.

You can sense the grief of the old and the infirm and their only desire is to move out of this world at the earliest.

Who can change the course of the evil in this society. The woman of the house cannot bear the presence of the mother –in – law although a mother like her or like her own mother.And the man falls in line.Very mysterious to a person of sound sense.

There was this Govt official couple living next door and quite a spiritual upbringing and his serious pursuit of life as per the teachings of  BHAGAVATGITA. He was an official par excellence and had the contacts and wherewithal to haul up the culprit couple.

But he took the path of the wise and his guidance in early days has taught him the perfect recipe.

The old widow is brought back to life of a level of peace and tranquility in the presence of this godly couple every day and relishes the surroundings of his home environment.She was planning to walk away into wilderness from his son when fate intervened in the form of this couple who in their own stead teach the neighbours their duty to guard and care for the old.No matter how you resolve it harshness is  felt.It is fine if all ends well.You have fought for a cause.

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