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Delhi Summer Wear

7 Sep

This ensemble is exactly what you need to beat the dusty sweaty summers.The  colorful  floral top from lifestyle ,Ginger is a great buy for under 500. It was longer in length,  the local tailor did the job of getting us the right length (took the inspiration from the current 5 star ad. masterji..pitaji ki patloon ek biland chote kar deejiye).

Now you can team the top with either tights (d good quality ones not d Rs.50 one please….have  some mercy on yourself and your audience!!!)  With this top a white color tight would do. Other than tights , a well fitted Capri would also do.

Our Recommendation: Shorts.

Denim Cool & Groovy Green

1.If you are comfortable with shorts, here we are with Denim Shorts from Kamla Nagar, a place known for trendy western and traditional wear in Delhi.
2.The second option is to team it up with cotton shorts in green under Rs.200 from Janpath which is a “must go” shopping destination  for any tourist coming to Delhi.